Plitvice, Croatia


Western Balkans Tour

Belgrade / Mostar / Sarajevo / Dubrovnik / Split / Trogir / Zadar / Plitvice / Zagreb / Postojna / Bled / Ljubljana

Taste of the past

Experience the millenary and multicultural society of four countries once called Yugoslavia, and one of the cradles of European culture. The diversity of this region is a perfect representation of what makes Europe so unique.

The peninsula occupies a central position on the European continent and is not as marginal as many would think. It is located perfectly between different religions, as well as on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, it is and has always been a bridge to Asia or its borders since, at the end of the 4th century, the Roman Empire was divided into two main hemispheres: the Latin of the West and the Greek of the East.

Our journey through the Balkans focuses on the western slopes of the mountain ranges passing through the four countries of the former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. The focus is on the ethnic variations of the region, its multitude of languages, two alphabets used, and three religions that are practised. The Balkans is a multicultural society, with both tragic ancient and recent past, but also a witness to many moments of peaceful coexistence through its history.

The landscape here carries such weight as does the history; rugged mountains, lush forests, crystal-clear lakes, caves patiently carved by underground rivers, and a magnificent Mediterranean coastline dotted with medieval cities under UNESCO and listed as World Heritage Site. The mixture of civilizations has also left its own legacy in music and various flavors of its heterogeneous cuisine.


    The capital of Serbia is one of the most multi-faceted cities in Europe. Positioned at the intersection of the Sava and Danube rivers, it was since ancient times an important crossroad between Eastern and Western Europe.
    Being influenced by different cultures and religions, being a town mixed with Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox and Jews, Sarajevo until today carries the nickname of “Jerusalem of Europe”.
    Completely surrounded by more than two thousand meters of walls and bathed by the Adriatic Sea on three sides, the UNESCO old town of Dubrovnik has a Mediterranean charm: its old port, alleys, stairs and surprising architectural unity.
    Plitvice National Park has 30,000 hectares of unspoiled nature and has been under UNESCO protection since 1979.
    Formed 70 million years ago. In this natural set of 20 kilometers of tunnels and underground galleries, we will go for an adventure through the caves and their salons.


  • 18 nights accommodation in 4* hotels with breakfast
  • Transportation, tour leader and local guides services throughout the tour according to the itinerary
  • 3 nights in Belgrade with a panoramic tour, entrance to Tito’s Mausoleum, welcome dinner in a typical restaurant
  • 2 nights in Sarajevo with a panoramic tour, entrance to Tunnel Museum, 1 dinner, guided tour of Mostar on the way
  • 3 nights in Dubrovnik with half board, panoramic tour, entrance to Knezev Dvor and Franciscan Monastery
  • 2 nights in Split with a panoramic tour, entrance to the cellars of Diocletian’s Palace, 1 dinner, guided tour of Trogir on the way
  • 2 nights in Zadar with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 3 nights in Zagreb with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 3 nights in Ljubljana with a panoramic tour, farewell dinner
  • Visit to the Plitvice National Park (Croatia), to the Postojna caves and Bled (Slovenia)

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Western Balkans Tour

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