Chateau Ramšak, Maribor, Slovenia

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Our main objective is to create a perfect balance between clients' needs and wishes on one side and adjusting them to their budgets and deadlines on the other side. Therefore our team is more than happy to provide you all the necessary assistance in choosing ideal conditions in order to make your travel most comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable as it can be.

Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or traveling with family ... you can either pick one of our preferred destinations or simply make some kind of combination for a longer trip. Come and explore with us!


Chateau Ramšak

Luxury glamping resort Chateau Ramšak invites you to a hidden gem in one of the most beautiful and untainted parts of Slovenia. Nestled within over fifteen hectares of rolling green hillsides to our own exquisite vineyards, in the heart of the scenic wine region of Styria, is a true paradise for lovers of nature, luxury…and wine itself! Only a moment away from the bustling city of Maribor is one of the most unspoilt destinations in Slovenia.


Forest Village Theodosius

Hidden in a centennial pine forest overlooking the majestic Vipava Valley, Forest Village Theodosius can’t wait to embrace you in its welcoming arms. Right at the edge of Vrhpolje village, just a step away from everyday bustle, is where you’ll find the perfect combination of both worlds: truly authentic nature and modern comfort. Our cozy homes present a safe shelter and give you the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries, while the Vipava Valley offers numerous activities to help strengthen your body and soul.


Heaven Chaltes

High above the Soča river valley, there are four chalets embedded in the slope of Kuk mountain and surrounded by panoramic decks. Large glass walls obscure the lines between indoors and outdoors – including in sauna, gym and by the fireplace – making you a part of majestic mountains. Boutique to us means eight guests. They come here from everywhere seeking peace and quiet, stories and adventures.


Garden Village

Garden Village Bled has been designed in a way that allows each accommodation unit, each space and each detail to tell its own story. You will feel completely in tune with nature wherever you find a little corner for yourself. Do you know how sweet a ripe apple tastes when picked from a tree?


Story on a Great Mountain

A cosy getaway in the heart of pristine nature. You will be enchanted by the beauty of pristine nature on Velika planina all year round. In winter, it is covered with snow; in spring, the whiteness of the snow is replaced by shades of violet created by thousands of blooming saffron. In summer, the cows liven up Velika planina, giving it a special charm; whereas autumn with its game of colours paints spectacular views and romantic sunsets.


Village Ajda

Imagine endless fields and meadows where you wake up to the sounds of storks,
the buzzing of bees and the bubbling of black thermal mineral water. You start the
morning with a cup of coffee on the terrace outside your little wooden house, while
the children play catch around the trees in the nearby meadow. They can’t wait to
spend the day at the water park, which is just a stone’s throw from the house.


Glamping Olimia

You will reside in touch with nature in luxury, stylistically perfected and fully equipped tents of two sizes. Even before you immerse yourself in the depths of the thermal springs offered by the Terme Olimia complex, let us pamper you with a delicious breakfast that will be waiting for you on the terrace in the morning. You can spend the day in one of Terme Olimia’s thermal pools or press a button and lazily slip into the bubbles of a private hot tub in front of the tent.


Honey Village

Staying in honeycomb-shaped houses, while observing hardworking bees, will truly bring magic to you. The Maja, Vili, Flip and Cassandra houses are unique accommodations, where you can spend a nice summer or spring days by the outdoor pool. Even in the autumn and winter months, you can enjoy a private, romantic wellness with the sauna and a massage bath inside the chalets.


Camp Koren

A special charm is the panoramic glass wall through which you have a direct view of the outside directly from your bed. The house is insulated and heated, built of natural materials, and suitable for rent in all seasons. Attached is a large wonderful wooden terrace where you can relax.


Krone Kolpa Heaven

Nearby there is a natural swimming area at the Kolpa river. The swimming area is also suitable for children and non-swimmers. The main attraction is the Kolpa river, which is very warm in summer and where you can swim, fish or explore the river with canoes. In autumn, you can pick mushrooms and chestnuts, cycle or take a walk in nature. I winter, you can enjoy interesting snow games or visit nearby ski resort Bela, Gače, or the pools of the Dolenjske toplice Thermal Spa.

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