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It’s a land of wonders and there is no shortage when it comes to the history that this country has seen over time. From its stunning architecture, intriguing museums, modern-day civilizations – you will be hard-pressed not to find something in Turkey worth seeing!

Only when arriving in Turkey and beginning to visit its various regions does the traveller become aware of why this country is one of the great cradles of civilization. Hittites, Persians, Lydians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seleucids, and Ottomans built their empires on this land. There are so many peoples who have continuously occupied the current Turkish territory for five millennia that the heritage is immeasurable: monuments, architecture, philosophy, art, design, science. The natural setting is as important in Turkey as its historical legacy. In the center of the country, the Cappadocia region is one of the most unique landscapes in the world. Thirty million years ago, volcanic eruptions covered these valleys with ash and, once hardened, it began its erosion process. The Aegean coast, cut out and sprinkled with islets, has the charm of the entire Mediterranean region. But there is also a place for another rarity, such as Pamukkale, a mountain of travertine marble. Large lakes and volcanoes pierce the central and western Anatolian plateau. The Turkish people are among the most hospitable: they are delighted that you visit their land, of which they are incredibly proud, and they welcome the strangers with a cup of apple tea in hand and open arms. Turkey also takes advantage of its cultural and climatic heterogeneity when presenting its typical flavors: fish, fruits, cheeses, yogurt, kebab or spicy stews. But the Ottoman cuisine assimilated influences from the various regions to which the power of the crescent reached. Impossible not to mention the pastries and sweets, the benefits of tea and coffee.


    The only great city with the peculiarity of spreading over two continents: Europe and Asia. On the remains of Greek Byzantium, the Roman Emperor Constantine founded New Rome, destined to become the largest and most significant city in the Mediterranean, eclipsing its peers in size, influence and importance. But it is with the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans that Istanbul will reach its absolute splendor and become “the queen of cities”. Heady, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, feverish and peaceful, this modern, millenary metropolis is one of the most attractive destinations.
    Perched high on a hill, the Pergamon Acropolis is one of the most amazing places in Turkey. Founded by the Aeolian Greeks in the 7th century BC the city prospered into a kingdom during the Hellenistic period and eventually the capital of the Roman province of Asia. It was one of the leading centers of study of the ancient world and the birthplace of Galen, among others.
    is one of the most important ruins in the western world, revealing the greatness of the Greco-Roman past. The main port of the Aegean, the city, played a central role in developing architecture, religion and the arts. It also played its part in the history of Christianity: Saint Paul lived and preached here; the Virgin Mary spent her last years in the vicinity and two ecumenical councils of the early church were held in the fifth century.
    is not easy to describe in physical terms. The characteristic rock formations with conical shapes give the entire region a unique appearance. The landscape becomes sublime, haunting, extraterrestrial. And carved in these rocks eroded by time, the remains of Hittite civilization proliferate, the churches of the first Christians with their delicate Byzantine frescoes and numerous subterranean cities.


  • 18 nights accommodation in 4* hotels with breakfast
  • Transportation, tour leader and local guides services throughout the tour according to the itinerary
  • 5 nights in Istanbul with a panoramic tour, Ayasofìa, Topkapi Palace, welcome dinner
  • 2 nights in Bursa with a panoramic tour, stop in Iznik, 2 dinners
  • 3 nights in Kusadasi, visit Pergamon and Ephesus, 3 dinners
  • 1 night in Pamukkale, visit Aphrodisias and Hierapolis, 1 dinner
  • 1 night in Konya with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 4 nights in Cappadocia, Valleys Goreme, Devrent, Monks, Pink, Ilhara Canyon, 4 dinners
  • 2 nights in Istanbul, Arnavutköy, Dolmabahce Palace, farewell dinner

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