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Central Europe Tour

Budapest / Vienna / Prague / Berlin

Cross the time bridge

The capitals of Central Europe on a journey through the past, present and the future.

Bridges between the West and the East, between the past and the present, Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin harmoniously combine a common culture. Centuries of political and religious confrontations have put its borders and population in perpetual movement. For this reason, Central Europe is not merely a geographical term to refer to the position of the places in the European continent but an imprecise space, a multilingual and multicultural mosaic that crosses different nations combining common elements.

Today the centre of Europe is once again one of the most integrated, suggestive and cosmopolitan regions of the continent. The trip begins in Budapest, the easternmost of the Central European capitals and one of the most impressive for that eclectic architecture. His inauguration in 1867 as the second capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire promoted a cultural flourishing only slowed by the world wars. Vienna evokes a number of references: baroque, avant-garde, cafes, Sissi, art collections, psychoanalysis, Blue Danube and classical music. Prague (“City of a Hundred Spires” ) is more magical and witchy, as indebted to its bohemian past as its Soviet heritage. Its fairytale beauty is unrivalled across the continent. Berlin during the 20th century underwent its greatest heyday and unprecedented cultural splendor before being literally razed to the ground. Defeated, humiliated and finally divided by the wall, two decades after its reunification, it is a modern and orderly city, exuberant in its cultural offerings and inexhaustible in its ability to rebuild itself by facing its


    The easternmost of the Central European capitals is today one of the most impressive for its architecture, its nightlife, and its inhabitants’ friendly character.
    Its historic center is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) and brings together a significant number of monuments, parks, palaces, and cafes in a relatively small perimeter.
    In the legendary beauty of its historical center, the Renaissance, the Baroque and various modernisms coexist, connected by bridges over the Vltava that in some cases are 600 years old.
    is positioned as the most exuberant capital of Europe: frenetic and at the same time orderly; inexhaustible in its cultural output and in its ability to rebuild itself; at the forefront of contemporary architecture.


  • 17 nights accommodation in 4* hotels with breakfast
  • Transportation, tour leader and local guides services throughout the tour according to the itinerary
  • 4 nights in Budapest with a panoramic tour, boat on the Danube, 2 dinners
  • 4 nights in Vienna with a panoramic tour, entrance to Belvedere, 1 dinner in a typical tavern
  • 4 nights in Prague with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 5 nights in Berlin with a panoramic tour, farewell dinner
  • Excursion through the Wachau Valley with a visit to Melk Abbey and navigation on the Danube to Dürnstein
  • Panoramic tours in Cesky Krumlov, Dresden and Potsdam

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Central Europe Tour

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