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Alps, Black Forest & Alsace Tour

Mainz / Strasbourg / Freiburg / Innsbruck / Salzburg / Munich / Nuremberg / Heidelberg

Breathe the nature

Sublime landscapes, cities, art and history across three countries in the Alpine region and the Upper Rhine Valleys

The Alps are famous for their valleys, lakes, forests and mountains, which constitute some of the most beautiful landscapes on the continent. There is no coincidence in its influence on the development of Germanic romanticism, with its legends, literature and its fascination for the sublime images that the region displays. Snow White, the big bad wolf and other creatures from the pen of the Brothers Grimm inhabited tall fir trees regions and dark trails of the Black Forest. On the other side of the Rhine, the Franco-German tradition converges in the Alsace Valley, dotted with historic villages that also seem to be from a fairy tale.

The tour is designed to draw attention to each country’s geographical and cultural differences. The journey begins in Mainz, the city of Gutemberg, located in the middle of the Rhine valley. Strasbourg is the city of understanding between France and Germany. Already in the Black Forest, the towns of Freiburg and Riquewihr seem frozen in time. It passes through Innsbruck before arriving in Salzburg, where the baroque atmosphere of its streets, squares and palaces is complemented by a musical atmosphere. After touring the impressive lake region of Salzkammergut, you will arrive in Munich, a Bavarian capital that keeps German passions alive: art, cars, sausages and beer. Nuremberg, the historical and cultural center of Germanism, anticipates the elegance and romantic charm of Heidelberg.

Art and architecture are presented in their broadest spectrum throughout the trip, complemented by gastronomy that combines strong flavors of meats, cheeses, chocolates, mustards, various types of beers, and famous wines.


    Gateway to the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), the seat of the imperial regime in the 15th century and capital of ecology, Freiburg amazes with its beauty. Surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers, the city also stands out for the sympathy of its inhabitants
    Since the 9th century, the prince archbishops took advantage of the trade in the salt they extracted in the nearby deposits and turned the city into “the Rome of the Alps”. The hometown of Mozart and Von Karajan is also famous for its music festivals.
    First the imperial princes and then the Bavarian kings made Munich a center for flourishing art and humanities.
    The cultural flowering of the city in the 15th and 16th centuries made it an important center of the German Renaissance, and Wagner enshrined that cultural-historical role for Germanism in his famous opera.


  • 17 nights accommodation in 4* hotels with breakfast
  • Transportation, tour leader and local guides services throughout the tour according to the itinerary
  • 2 nights in Mainz with a panoramic tour, welcome dinner
  • 2 nights in Strasbourg with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 2 nights in Freiburg with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 3 nights in Innsbruck with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 2 nights in Salzburg with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 3 nights in Munich with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 1 night in Nuremberg with a panoramic tour
  • 2 nights in Heidelberg with a panoramic tour, farewell dinner
  • Excursions to Salzkammergut, Neuschwanstein and Alsace
  • Navigation on the Rhine

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Alps, Black Forest & Alsace Tour

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