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Portugal & Spain Tour

Lisbon / Porto / Santiago de Compostela / León / Santillana del Mar / San Sebastián / Burgos

First we eat, then we do everything else.

A journey through the sensuality and exuberance of Lusitanian cities and the pious and solemn urbanity of Castilian Spain.

Greek and Phoenician sailors early frequented both countries, colonized and converted into imperial provinces by Rome, simultaneously Christianized from the middle of the third century, invaded by barbarian waves a century later and ultimately engulfed by a Muslim power. The Reconquest was slowly forming Christian strongholds; the first of them was the Kingdom of Portugal in 1140. When the holy war ended three centuries later, the crowns of Spain and Portugal put an end to their dynastic disputes and divided the territories conquered from the Moor. Oceanic expansion had already begun, which brought both countries fame, fortune and a new twist to their hybrid culture, transforming it by the influence of the Americas.

The region reminds us again and again of the Middle Ages and the era of “discoveries” that followed. According to its nature, each country reacted differently: more sensual and exuberant in the Portuguese case, much more pious and solemn in Castilian Spain. On this trip, we will feel something of all this and there will even be room for a bit of glamour and frivolity on the days we rest in the Basque resort of San Sebastián.

The two countries also can boast of excellent gastronomy. Spain is possibly the country where you can eat the best, regardless of whether it is an inn or a gourmet hotel. Portugal knew how to combine its local flavors with those imported from its colonies, mainly in pastries and sweets.


    Two centuries before UNESCO included it in its list of heritage sites, Lord Byron had already defined Sintra as the “Paradise of Eden”. Noble palaces and parks, stately homes, chalets and convents are distributed amid lush vegetation, forming a landscape of great beauty.
    The colorful picturesqueness of the port area coexists today with the modernist spirit of its downtown boulevard and that air of other times that is breathed in the bookstores and cafes of its commercial “streets”.
    Located in the hills of Cantabria, it has been a fashionable seaside resort since the mid-19th century. The heritage site of its medieval quarter – of great historical and artistic value – bewitched romantics and aristocrats, who chose it “the most beautiful town in Spain”. Its popularity is also due to the nearby caves in which significant samples of cave painting were found
    Except for the old city, once a fortress and today a lively set of streets full of bars, San Sebastián is the most French Spanish city. Since the last decades of the 19th century, the court settled here every summer and consolidated the town as one of the liveliest spas in Europe. Anyone willing to savor one of the best gastronomic offers on the planet should take San Sebastián well into account.


  • 18 nights accommodation in 4* hotels with breakfast
  • Transportation, tour leader and local guides services throughout the tour according to the itinerary
  • 4 nights in Lisbon with a panoramic tour, entrance to Jerónimos Monastery, excursion to Sintra, 1 dinner – fado show in Lisbon
  • 3 nights in Porto with a panoramic tour, stop in Obidos and Coimbra, 1 dinner
  • 2 nights in Santiago de Compostela with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 2 nights in Leon with a panoramic tour, 1 dinner
  • 2 nights in Santillana del Mar with a panoramic tour, entrance to the museum complex of Altamira, 2 dinners
  • 3 nights in San Sebastian with a panoramic tour, stop in Bilbao, 1 dinner
  • 2 nights in Burgos with a panoramic tour, the tour of the Ebro vineyards, farewell dinner

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Portugal & Spain Tour

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